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A bias consultant shows there is always a hidden component to one's thinking; and that bias controlled attitudes will improve every type of relationship and decision

Bias Consulting

Bias Lectures

Consulting is available for associations, businesses, the legal profession, and individuals who wish to identify and reduce any troublesome effects of bias in themselves and others.


Bias Aware Thinking provides a practical approach to what is called Evidence Based Thinking. It touches on the often hypothetical topics of theory of knowledge and the nature of evidence. Evidence is described as anything that supports or challenges a claim, theory, or argument. So, bias clearly qualifies.


Evidence is crucial for producing knowledge, consuming knowledge, making informed decisions, and understanding other people. It is a generally accepted term in philosophy, medicine, marketing, management and other specialties.


The approach to bias presented here was developed independently and is founded upon extensive professional experience. 

I offer custom designed lectures in the following topics:

  • Bias in Science & Religion
  • Bias in Forensic Science
  • Bias in Business
  • Bias in Life

Lectures can be as short as 20 minutes for a TED Talks type of presentation to much longer lectures or workshops.

The Bias Consulting and Lectures offered here are based upon the findings highlighted in this website

and reported in the book You are Biased.

They do not use Sensitivity and Diversity Training approaches