Opinion Broadcasting & Bias

A reliable way to make people believe in falsehoods is frequent repetition - familiarity is not easily distinguished from truth 

Dr. D. Kahneman – Princeton University


Most (people) when they are thinking are merely rearranging their prejudices

 - William James - Psychologist


We live in an environment of the broadcasting of opinions. Social media has given regular folk the means to broadcast their opinions; and the conventional media in all its forms, have shifted from providing substantive news to publicizing a collection of opinions.  This differs from previous generations where our strongly held beliefs were, for the most part, shared primarily with our close friends; and the news media made some attempt at being impartial*. 


The effective outcome is the rapid re-cycling and reinforcing of opinions - with the more attention-grabbing or appealing ideas spreading faster. With repetition, collective biased opinions mysteriously transform into facts. 


At the individual level, irrespective of intelligence, our trusting natures and daily distractions means we end up forming our opinions without being aware of this problematic process.  When ignorant of the potential of this procedure it becomes easy to trust various opinions as representing a truth and to confidently pass it on to others.


The common use of social media and the ever-present nature of media organization's output should cause everyone to seriously reflect upon this issue as it only requires a small amount of self-interest and distortion to exacerbate the problem. Paraphrasing King Solomon in the Bible (Proverbs) and US author Mark Twain: it’s better to remain silent and appear biased than offer an opinion and remove all doubt.


* If you are interested you may like: History of Media Bias.


If you disagree with someone immediately search for all the things you can agree about; and then highlight the various assumptions each of you are relying upon



Always be prepared to be skeptical - even about your own ideas and understandings



Diversity is only a positive factor for a society if it also includes a diversity of opinions